How do I save a group of tabs in Vivaldi?

save a group of tabs
On the tab: Vivaldi can open a slew of sites at once

The Vivaldi browser is Chrome on steroids. It’s for power users who want to do more than flick from page to page. And one of its best power features is the ability to save a group of open tabs as a ‘session’ that you can re-open at any time. Here’s how to do it.

How to save a group of tabs in Vivaldi

First, open all the sites you want to save in the group in separate browser tabs. For instance, in my side job as a football club secretary I have to visit four particular sites to perform the post-match admin. It makes sense to save those as a session so I can open them right away after a game.

Now click on the Vivaldi button in the top left of the browser and select File > Save Open Tabs As Session.

You’ll be invited to give the session a name and asked whether you want to save only those tabs in the current window, if you have more than one browser window open at the time.

Reloading a session

When you want to re-open those four tabs, go to File > Open Saved Session and pick your chosen session from the list. By default, the session will open in a new window, but if you simply want to add the tabs to your existing window, untick the box.

save a group of tabs

If that seems a bit of a faff, you can assign the Open Saved Session dialogue to a keyboard shortcut. Admittedly, most of the obvious keyboard shortcuts (such as Ctrl + S) are already reserved for other functions. The F10 key was the most convenient available shortcut I could find.

To set this up, click the Settings cog in the bottom left of the browser window. Choose Keyboard, scroll down to the Tab section and find Open Saved Session. Click on the empty box next to Open Saved Session and press F10 (or another shortcut combo of your choice). Now whenever you press that shortcut, the Open Saved Session menu will appear.

Sadly, I haven’t found a way to trigger a particular session to open with a keyboard shortcut. If you know otherwise, I’d love to hear from you in the comments.

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