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How do I solve Sky+ satellite signal problems?

Solve Sky+ satellite signal problems
Here's how to banish the TV blizzard

“Harry Kane’s in the box!” screams the commentator. “This is it! He shoots to win the World Cup for England! It’s a, it’s a…” Suddenly, your TV fades to black and the dreaded words “No signal” appear. The whole country erupts in celebration – pubs hand out free pints, the Queen declares that 15th July shall henceforth be Gareth Southgate Day and the supermarkets sell out of sausage rolls. But you’ll always be the person who missed the winner. Here’s how to avoid that inevitable scenario and solve Sky+ satellite signal problems.

Sky+ satellite signal problems: “Your Sky+HD box isn’t getting a satellite signal”solve Sky+ satellite signal problems

If your viewing is disrupted by the error message above, the reason might just be bad weather. Heavy rain, thunderstorms and strong winds can all cause problems. Snow is particularly annoying as it may take a couple of days for the snow in your satellite dish to melt. So, if you open your curtains to a scene from The Day After Tomorrow, be patient and wait for the signal to return.

However, if it’s a sunny day, step outside and take a look at your satellite dish. Is anything – think trees or new scaffolding on the house next door – blocking its signal? If so, simply wait or ask Sky to send out an engineer to take a look (which, unfortunately, will cost £65).

What if your satellite dish has a clear line of sight? If you live in a flat, check if your neighbours are having the same problem and call the company that manages the building. If you live in a house, book an appointment with an engineer.

Sky+ satellite signal problems: “No signal” or “No input”

If you get an old-fashioned “No signal” or “No input” message on a blank screen, here’s what to do:

  1. Check that the power light on your Sky+ box is green. If it’s a worrying shade of orange or red, press the Sky button on your remote to turn it on.
  2. If your Sky+ box is dead as a dodo, check that it’s switched on at the mains – or that a beloved pet hasn’t chewed through the cable (true story).
  3. Press the Source button on your TV/Sky remote and check the other inputs to see if you can regain the picture.
  4. Check that the cables are still firmly plugged into the back of the Sky+ box and the TV. To make sure that it’s not the TV’s fault, try plugging a different device – a games console, say – into the HDMI port.
  5. Restart your Sky+ box by switching it off at the mains. Then turn it back on, wait for at least four minutes and press the Sky button on the remote.

If none of the above does the trick, get in touch with Sky and book an appointment with an engineer.

Sky+ satellite signal problems: Distorted image

A dodgy signal can make EastEnders look like one of Francis Bacon’s more nightmarish paintings and sound like a transmission from Mars. However, resist the temptation to give your Sky+ box a firm whack. Instead, follow the steps listed in the “Sky error message” section above.

If they don’t work, you know the drill: get in touch with Sky and book an appointment with an engineer.

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