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What do the coloured lights on a BT Whole Home Wi-Fi mean?

lights on a BT Whole Home Wi-Fi
Disc jockeying: find out what the lights indicate

Mesh Wi-Fi networks are all the rage at the moment. The BT Whole Home Wi-Fi is a popular choice due to its budget price.

Each of the BT Whole Home Wi-Fi discs has a single, coloured light at the bottom of it, through which it communicates its current status. But what do the colours mean?

What the lights on the BT Whole Home Wi-Fi mean:


The disc is starting. It takes approximately a minute to fully turn on.

Purple (flashing)

Your disc firmware is updating. Do not turn off your disc during this time.

Blue (flashing every ½ second)

The disc is connecting to the network.

Blue (flashing every 2 seconds)

WPS mode. Press the WPS button on the device you wish to connect.


Good Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection. All is working as it should be (in theory!).


Your disc is working okay, but try moving the disc closer to the one connected to your router.


Your disc has no connection to the network. Try moving the disc closer to the one connected to your router. If all else fails, restart your Whole Home Wi-Fi.


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  • The blue light on the bottom of my BT discs is driving me mad as it lights up the whole area at night. If I cover the light with a sticker will it affect the performance of it?



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