How do I create a custom tone for a WhatsApp contact?

Custom tone for a WhatsApp contact
How to sort the WhatsApp wheat from the chaff

For many of us, WhatsApp is the focal point of everything we do. However, that means a near-constant ping or buzz of notifications, with no way of prioritising the most important messages from the most important people. But, fret not: you can sort through the noise by creating a custom tone for a WhatsApp contact. Here’s how.

It’s an incredibly easy process that only takes a few minutes. First, open a chat with the chosen contact and tap on their name at the top of the screen. This will bring up the following list:How do I create a custom tone for a WhatsApp contact?

Tap “Custom notifications” and you’ll be taken to a dedicated menu. By default, the tick box at the top will be toggled off so you should immediately tap it.WhatsApp 2

You can then go on to change the custom tone for the chosen contact (for example, The Imperial March from Star Wars for your boss), decide if you want a short or long vibrate, set a special popup to appear when they get in touch and even choose from a range of different light colours to greet their virtual arrival. You can also set a particular ringtone and vibration length for when the person calls you via WhatsApp.

Usefully, you can use the same process to mute certain people, effectively pushing their messages onto the digital backburner. Welcome to the future.

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