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How do I find my iOS app purchases?

I recently neededĀ to find an iPad app that I knew I’d installed a few years ago but had long since deleted. If you ever find yourself in a similar situation, the obvious question is whether there’s a way to find iOSĀ apps that you’ve used, particularly if you purchased them?

As with most rhetorical questions in articles, the answer is “yes”.

How to find the Purchases page

  • On your device (iPhone or iPad), head into the App Store
  • If you’re using iOS 11 or greater, ensure you’re in the “Today” tab…
find ios app purchases
  • If you’re using iOS 10 or lesser, ensure you’re in the “Updates” tab
  • (Not sure which version of iOS you’re using? Read our article covering this topic here.)
  • In the top right-hand corner, you should see your profile picture. Tap on it
  • You will now see your Account details. Just under your profile picture you should see the option “Purchased”. Select this…
find ios app purchases

How to use the Purchases page

  • If you have a family account set up, you’ll be prompted as to whether you want to see your own purchases or any of those from your family
  • You’ll now be presented with a searchable list of all the apps that you’ve “purchased” (whether free or otherwise). From here you can re-download them or head into the app details for further information.
find ios app purchases

There are also two tabs at the top – “All” (the default) and “Not on this x”, where x is the device you’re currently using. This makes it easy to find any apps not currently installed.

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