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What’s the best Samsung Galaxy S9 case?

On the case: the Spigen will protect your S9
Spiegen Liquid Air Galaxy S9 case
Samsung Galaxy S9 case

Product Name: Spiegen Liquid Air Galaxy S9 case

Product Description: A lightweight, stylish case for the Samsung Galaxy S9

Offer price: £8.09

  • Design
  • Value

Spiegen Liquid Air Galaxy S9 case

Why pay more for a Samsung Galaxy S9 case that fits snugly and safeguards the phone?



  • Adds much needed grip
  • Lightweight
  • Inexpensive


  • No screen protection

If you’ve bought a Samsung Galaxy S9, you’re going to need a case. That smooth black glass on back and front looks a million dollars, but you’ll soon find the phone slips out of your hand if it doesn’t have a protective case around it. So what’s the best Samsung Galaxy S9 case?

Spigen Liquid Air Galaxy S9 Case

I could litter this article with a long list of cases I’ve tried on Galaxy smartphones over recent years, but let’s cut to the chase: Spigen’s are consistently the best. 

There are several reasons why I’m a big fan of this case in particular:

  • The textured rear of the case not only looks smart, but it adds grip, making it less likely your S9 is going to meet an expensive end with the pavement
  • It adds minimal weight or bulk to the phone
  • It slips onto the phone very easily, but doesn’t fall off in your bag or pocket
  • The covers on the buttons match perfectly, which isn’t always the case with smartphone covers – this makes adjusting the volume etc no more hassle 
  • The way the case is cut out on the rear makes it much easier to find the fingerprint sensor on the phone than it is without the case – it guides your finger into the right place to unlock the phone
  • The ports on the bottom aren’t too deeply recessed and they’ve sensibly cut out extra space around the 3.5mm jack, meaning you shouldn’t have any difficulty inserting headphones or cables
  • It’s designed to work with wireless chargers, although I haven’t tested this as I find wireless charging a frivolous waste of time. What’s the problem with plugging in a USB cable?
  • The case doesn’t create a lip on the edge of the screen, you’re finger runs off the edge smoothly, making it easy to use swipe gestures
  • It’s not expensive – only £8.09 on Amazon at the time of writing 

Note that the case doesn’t come with any screen protectors, but I personally find those a waste of space that reduce the clarity of the phone screen. 

Do I have a vast swathe of empirical evidence to prove this is the best Samsung Galaxy S9 case? No. But at £8, and with all those positive points, I can’t imagine anything else comes close.

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