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How do I delete Snapchat?

Delete Snapchat
It's time to go ghostbusting...

Snapchat is great fun, but it can be very addictive. So, if you find yourself constantly tied to your phone and desperately searching for something to amuse your friends, it might be time to go cold turkey. Here’s how to delete Snapchat – permanently. 

A quick note: although Snapchat is very much a mobile app, you’ll have to delete your account via a web browser and the process is easiest on a PC, laptop or tablet.

How to delete Snapchat

First, head to and scroll down to the very bottom of the homepage. Select Support underneath the Community heading in the teeny-tiny footnotes. It’s almost as if Snapchat wants to make the process difficult…

Delete Snapchat

In the page that appears, click on “My Account & Security” in the left-hand menu.

Delete Snapchat

Select Account Information at the top of the left-hand menu and then Delete My Account in the box that pops up.

Delete Snapchat

You’ll be given the usual spiel about contacting customer service rather than deleting, along with a plaintive “We’re sorry to see you go :(”.

Delete Snapchat

Hold back your tears and follow the hyperlink to the “accounts portal”, which is hidden away in the second paragraph, before logging in when prompted.

This is where Snapchat really lays it on thick. A funereal, all-black page appears, complete with a weeping Snapchat ghost – yes, really – and a useful reminder that you’ll be able to reactivate your account simply by logging back in within 30 days.

Take one last look at the poor ghost’s sobbing face, you monster, before re-entering your login details and clicking Continue.

Delete Snapchat

You’ll be given a notification that your account “will be deactivated soon” – although it might actually be a while before the confirmation email comes through.

Delete Snapchat

And that’s it – you’re free! All that’s left to do is delete the app itself from your smartphone. Don’t be tempted to log straight back in…

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