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Which Microsoft Surface should I buy?

which microsoft surface

Microsoft is creating new Surface laptops at a rate that would make rabbits blush, which leaves potential buyers with one question: which Microsoft Surface should I buy? Having tested almost all the different Surface tablets since their first incarnations, we reveal your options.

Microsoft Surface Go

Which Microsoft Surface

What is it? A 10in tablet with optional keyboard (that you really should buy) and limited power, but a lovely screen and high-quality feel. And it runs the full version of Windows, so it can do anything your PC can.

Best for people who…

Terrible for people who…

  • want to do “real” work, eg spreadsheets or compare two documents side by side

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Microsoft Surface Book 2

Which Microsoft Surface

What is it? A fully fledged laptop that also happens to have a detachable screen. Press a button and it becomes a 13in or 15in tablet (there are two versions of the Book 2 available).

Best for people who…

  • need a laptop 80% of the time and a tablet (eg for annotating or drawing on) the other 20%
  • want power… this machine has some serious welly
  • value a proper keyboard

Terrible for people who…

  • value portability over all other things… it’s heavy (1.5kg) and wide (312mm) versus an ultra-sleek 13in ultraportable such as the Huawei MateBook X Pro
  • want the latest 8th Gen Intel Core processors, although we expect an update in early 2019

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Microsoft Surface Pro 6

Which Microsoft Surface

What is it? The “original” Surface tablet (ignoring the ill-fated Surface RT), with an optional keyboard that attaches magnetically.

Best for people who…

  • need a tablet 80% of the time and a laptop 20% of the time
  • want an ultra-light laptop for travel in particular
  • will make full use of the touchscreen, eg for drawing or other creative work

Terrible for people who…

  • need to type on their lap
  • want USB-C ports

Microsoft Surface Laptop 2

Which Microsoft Surface

What is it? A proper laptop. The 13.5in screen stays fixed at all times, but naturally it’s a touchscreen so you can still draw upon it.

Best for people who…

  • want a sleek, powerful, light laptop (it’s 1.25kg)
  • aren’t that bothered about tablet abilities such as drawing easily on the screen
  • value design over repairability (although that’s true of all Surface machines)

Terrible for people…

  • on a budget
  • who primarily want to draw on the screen

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