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How do I use superscript in Word?

Superscript in Word
High there: apply superscript in Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word can – at times – be super helpful. Type 1st, for example, and normally it will automatically be converted to 1st , with the ‘st’ appearing in superscript. But where do you find superscript in Word if the autocorrect is having a fag out the back and doesn’t fix it automatically?

Where to find superscript in Word

If you need to convert text into superscript, the easiest way is to look for the superscript icon in the menu at the top of the screen.

The superscript icon is x2 and – in the latest version of Microsoft Word – it appears in the Home section of the ‘ribbon’ menu at the top of the screen, in the font sub-section.

Highlight the letters you want to convert to superscript and then click on the x2 icon and your letters should shrink and shoot upwards.

Where to find subscript in Word

The opposite of superscript is subscript, often used in scientific notation for chemical symbols. Water, of course, is H2O.

The subscript symbol sits right next to superscript in Word, and looks like X2.

If you’ve got text that’s in superscript/subscript and you don’t want it to be, just highlight the offending letters and click on the relevant symbol to return them to the full-size font.

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