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How can I do quick currency conversion in macOS?

Currency conversion in macOS
Tot up your euros in seconds

If you’re a Mac owner who relies on online currency converters, I’ve got good news. The helpful folks at Apple have made it incredibly easy to see how far your pounds will stretch in US/Canadian dollars, euros, Japanese yen and even Swiss francs. Here’s how to do quick currency conversion in macOS.

How to do quick currency conversion in macOS

Okay, brace yourself. To see how much your pounds are worth in a different currency, click on the Spotlight search icon (a magnifying glass) in the top-right of the screen.

In the box that appears, type the amount. You’ll need to include the currency symbols, but don’t even think about copying and pasting them – if you’ve got a recent-ish Mac or MacBook (since 2013), here are the keyboard shortcuts…

£: Shift+3

$: Shift+4

: Alt+2

¥: Alt+Y

As soon as you enter a currency symbol, you’ll notice that the converter whirrs into action in the same window, showing you the up-to-date exchange rates from Yahoo. As Apple is an American company, US dollars take precedence within the search bar itself, but the other amounts are in a box directly below.

And that’s it – I told you it was simple! You never need to open a browser window to convert your cash again.

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