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How do I transfer Android photos to a Mac?

Android photos to a Mac
It's a tad more complicated than just plugging your phone in...

The easiest way to transfer your photos from an Android phone to a Mac for editing or storage is still using an old-fashioned cable. However, if you plug it in and experience a tumbleweed moment, worry not – here’s how to transfer Android photos to a Mac.

It’s a very simple, one-minute process. All you’ll need is your phone, Mac and a USB cable.

How to transfer Android photos to a Mac

First, you’ll need to download a handy app called Android File Transfer to your Mac (which can be found here). It’s an official Android app so there’s no need to fret about it containing malware or other gremlins.

Once you’ve installed it by clicking on the downloaded DMG file and dragging the icon into the Applications folder, you’re ready to get started.

Double-click on the Android File Transfer icon (a green Android robot holding a USB stick – I’m a fan). You’ll probably get a pop-up warning that it’s an “app downloaded from the internet”. Click Open to continue.

The following window will appear…

Android photos to a Mac

Now it’s time to follow our robot overlord’s instructions and connect your Android phone to the Mac using the USB cable. This is your charging cable – simply pull the cable out of the wall plug element like so…

Now, the next step will vary depending on which Android handset you own. If you’ve got the helpful variety, an option will automatically appear asking whether you want to simply charge the device via USB or transfer files, transfer photos (PTP) or even “use device as MIDI”.

On less accommodating handsets – such as mine – you’ll have to drag down the notification bar and tap on a small option that says “USB charging charging this device”. Either way, select “Transfer files”.

Back on your Mac, the Android File Transfer app will suddenly be populated with lots of folders. Double click on the DCIM folder and then select Camera. A list of all of your photos and videos will then appear.

Android photos to a Mac

And that’s it: you can now drag, or copy and paste, the photos to your desktop and edit/upload to your heart’s content.

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