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How do I organise dates with friends for free?

organise dates with friends

You want to hook up with friends. Or for a work do. Or even to get married. How do you go from a vague wish to making it happen? By setting a date, that’s how. Here’s how to organise dates with friends the easy way.

Organise dates with friends… the simple way

When should we meet takes a no-nonsense approach to arranging dates. Head to the site and you’re invited to give your meetup a name, plonk in some dates and then send the invite. Bosh. Done. Get on with your life.

… the cleverer way with Doodle

organise dates with Google

One problem with the above approach is that it doesn’t check if the dates you put in are actually right. Doodle takes a similar idea, but invites you to pick from real dates – and you can even hook up your Google or Microsoft calendar to make sure you don’t double book.

There are many more options too, including a handy “if need be” vote (rather than just yes/no) and limiting votes per person. The downside is that Doodle wants you to upgrade to premium features for 43 Euros per year, but its ads aren’t too intrusive so the free version is fine.

… the Google Forms way

organise dates with friends

If you know you want to arrange a meetup in a certain week, but don’t know which day or what time of day, Google Forms offers an elegant form that can help you out.

By default, it’s set up to choose between weekdays and portions of the day, but Forms is so easy to edit that you could quickly alter those to be a choice of dates and venues.

Do you have a different way to organise dates? If so, let us know in the comments.

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