How do you repeat YouTube videos?

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Discovered a song on YouTube and want to listen to it for the tenth time? Or perhaps you want to relive the moment Leyton Orient secured promotion again and again and again (no? Just me then). While YouTube doesn’t make it obvious how to do so, a couple of clicks will have you streaming that video ad infinitum. Here’s how to repeat YouTube videos.

Below, you’ll find instructions for repeating YouTube videos on your desktop, as well as your Android or iOS smartphone/tablet (although be warned that the latter process is slightly trickier).

How to repeat YouTube videos: Desktop browser

Looping a video via your browser of choice is simple once you know how. First, find the video you want to repeat, then right-click directly on the image.

Loop YouTube desktop

Once the menu appears, it’s just a case of selecting “Loop”, sitting back and basking in the Astley glory.

Weirdly, there’s no indication (such as a symbol) that you’re looping a video – you’ll just have to take our word that it will repeat forever.

How to repeat YouTube videos: Android

As you’ll see with the iOS instructions below, most sites will point you towards laboriously creating a playlist and then looping it via the YouTube mobile app. But, if you’re an Android user, there’s an easier way.

Open the Google Chrome app (or other browsing app) on your phone or tablet, type into the search bar, hit Enter and then find your video.

Now open the Chrome menu in the top-right of the screen (three vertical dots) and toggle the tickbox next to “Desktop site”.

YouTube desktop site Android

Unsurprisingly, this will bring up the desktop version of the site, which will look quite strange…

YouTube desktop on Android

You’ll now need to zoom into the image by moving your fingers slowly apart. When you’re up close and personal with Rick, press and hold the image until the following menu appears.

YouTube Android zoom

Tap “Loop” and, as with the desktop version, the video will repeat until the end of time.

How to repeat YouTube videos: iOS

Ah, poor iPhone users: Google (which, of course, owns YouTube) really doesn’t want to you to loop videos. But, as ever, it can be done with a bit of fiddling.

First, fire up the YouTube app, find the video you want to watch, tap on the image and select the Save icon (three horizontal lines with a plus).

Save video on iOS YouTube app

A menu will then appear at the bottom of the screen. Tap “+NEW PLAYLIST”.

Create playlist in iOS YouTube app

Now it’s time to give your playlist a name. Imaginatively, we’ve gone for “Astley”, but it could be something even simpler such as “1” or “Loop”.

Name playlist in YouTube iOS app

Now head to your Library by selecting the far-right option on the bottom toolbar. Your new playlist will be sitting there waiting for you.

YouTube Library

Tap on the playlist and then select the big red arrow button that appears.

Play YouTube playlist

Okay, we’re nearly at the finish line. Your video will start playing, but this time there will be a black bar containing the name of the playlist underneath the image. Tap this bar and then select the loop icon (two arrows forming a rectangle) that appears.

Loop iOS YouTube video

And that’s it. Phew.

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