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How do I switch on Dark Mode in Facebook Messenger?

Facebook Messenger Dark Mode
Dark Mode: OK, it's not this dark

Facebook Messenger has finally rolled out Dark Mode. It’s well tucked away, but easy to use once you find it.

If you’re interested in cutting down the glare, follow these simple steps to switch it on. And the good news is, whether you’re using Android or iOS devices, the method is the same.

Facebook Messenger Dark Mode

  1. Launch the Messenger app
  2. Click on your profile image in the top left-hand corner
  3. Your profile screen is now shown
  4. The first option, below a large version of your profile image and your name, is “Dark Mode”
  5. Click on the toggle to switch Dark Mode on and off

When Dark Mode is active, all of the Messenger screens will be dark instead of having a white background.

Dark Mode shouldn’t be confused with the blue light filter or Night Shift, as Apple calls it. This reduces the amount of blue light emitted by your phone in the evenings.

Blue light is linked with sleeplessness, although it has to be said the scientific evidence for such a link is shaky, at best. Still, cutting down the glare from your screen with Dark Mode or stripping out blue light isn’t going to do you any harm. And you’re much less likely to annoy a sleeping partner or other cinema goers with your beaming screen!

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