How do I watch the Cricket World Cup 2019 without a Sky subscription?

...and then recreate the action on your local pitch

Can Eoin Morgan’s boys in blue do it on home turf? Could, and forgive me, cricket be coming home? Well, unless you’ve got a Sky subscription, you’ll only be able follow the ODI action in the stadium, via radio or a website blog, right? Wrong. Here’s how to watch the Cricket World Cup 2019 without a Sky subscription.

The NOW TV Sky Sports Pass is here to save the day, allowing you to watch all of the big games (such as India vs Pakistan on 16th June and the small matter of England vs Australia at Lord’s on 25th June) on a device of your choice – with the ability to cancel at any time.

Cricket World Cup 2019: The price

But, and it’s a big one, it could be expensive. Here are the NOW TV Sky Sports Pass tiers:

Day Pass: £8.99

This is a good option if you want to watch a specific game (such as the final) and lasts, as you’d expect, for 24 hours. However, it may be more cost-effective to get a longer option…

Week Pass: £14.99

Considering that a Day Pass is £9, seven days of action for £15 is pretty reasonable – but it’s not as reasonable as…

Month Pass: £25

This is a special, time-sensitive deal for the Cricket World Cup and, if you can spare the money, it’s by far the best option as it’ll cover most of the tournament. Even better, NOW TV are offering £25 per month for your first four months, which means it’ll cover the Ashes, too.

After that, the subscription returns to its usual £33.99 a month. You must sign up before 9th June, though – which is very cheeky because the final is on the 14th July, meaning you’ll have to pay at least two months.

Once you’ve chosen a pass, visit this link to get started.

Cricket World Cup 2019: How to watch

Once you’re signed up, all that’s left to do is choose how you’re going to watch the cricket.

PC or laptop

You’ll have to download the NOW TV Player to stream on your desktop. Click here for the Windows installer and here if you have a Mac. The Player will then pop up whenever you select a match on the website.

Smartphone or tablet

If, you want to surreptitiously keep up to date at work, download the Now TV app for Android or iOS and log in. You might have to hold back your cheers when a wicket falls, though…

Other devices

NOW TV also makes it easy to watch the games on your smart TV, games console and other streaming devices. To check if your device is supported, follow this link.


Now it’s time to plot the matches in your diary and get the beers in. The, very long, fixture list is below, with the England games highlighted in bold. Obviously, all start times are subject to the Great British weather…


1st, 10.30am. New Zealand vs Sri Lanka at Cardiff

1st, 1.30pm. Afghanistan vs Australia at Bristol

2nd, 10.30am. South Africa vs Bangladesh at The Oval

3rd, 10.30am. England vs Pakistan at Trent Bridge

4th, 10.30am. Afghanistan vs Sri Lanka at Cardiff

5th, 10.30am. South Africa vs India at Southampton

5th, 1.30pm. Bangladesh vs New Zealand at The Oval

6th, 10.30am. Australia vs West Indies at Trent Bridge

7th, 10.30am. Pakistan vs Sri Lanka at Bristol

8th, 10.30am. England vs Bangladesh at Cardiff

8th, 1.30pm. Afghanistan vs New Zealand at Taunton

9th, 10.30am India vs Australia at The Oval

10th, 10.30am. South Africa vs West Indies at Southampton

11th, 10.30am. Bangladesh vs Sri Lanka at Bristol

12th, 10.30am. Australia vs Pakistan at Taunton

13th, 10.30am. India vs New Zealand, Trent Bridge

14th, 10.30am. England vs West Indies at Southampton

15th, 10.30am. Sri Lanka vs Australia at The Oval

15th, 1.30pm. South Africa vs Afghanistan, Cardiff

16th, 10.30am. India vs Pakistan at Old Trafford

17th, 10.30am. West Indies vs Bangladesh at Taunton

18th, 10.30am. England vs Afghanistan at Old Trafford

19th, 10.30am. New Zealand vs South Africa at Edgbaston

20th, 10.30am. Australia vs Bangladesh at Trent Bridge

21st, 10.30am. England vs Sri Lanka at Headingley

22nd, 10.30am. India vs Afghanistan at Southampton

22nd, 1.30pm. West Indies vs New Zealand, at Old Trafford

23rd 10.30am. Pakistan vs South Africa at Lord’s

24th, 10.30am. Bangladesh vs Afghanistan at Southampton

25th, 10.30am. England vs Australia at Lord’s

26th, 10.30am. New Zealand vs Pakistan at Edgbaston

27th, 10.30am. West Indies vs India at Old Trafford

28th, 10.30am. Sri Lanka vs South Africa at Chester-le-Street

29th, 10.30am. Pakistan vs Afghanistan at Headingley

29th, 1.30pm. New Zealand vs Australia at Lord’s

30th, 10.30am. England vs India at Edgbaston


1st, 10.30am. Sri Lanka vs West Indies at Chester-le-Street

2nd, 10.30am. Bangladesh vs India at Edgbaston

3rd, 10.30am. England vs New Zealand at Chester-le-Street

4th, 10.30am. Afghanistan vs West Indies at Headingley

5th, 10.30am. Pakistan vs Bangladesh at Lord’s

6th, 10.30am. Sri Lanka vs India ar Headingley

6th, 1.30pm. Australia vs South Africa at Old Trafford

9th, 10.30am. First semi-final at Old Trafford

11th, 10.30am. Second semi-final at Edgbaston

14th, 10.30am. Final at Lord’s

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