How can I watch the Women’s World Cup in the UK?

Watch women's world cup uk

Want to cheer England’s Lionesses to glory this summer? Or perhaps you’re unfurling the Saltire for Scotland? Either way, catching every minute of the action has never been easier. Here’s how to watch the Women’s World Cup 2019 in the UK.

Women’s World Cup on TV

Tricky one this: you need to switch on the TV. The BBC has exclusive rights to the tournament, meaning that all of the England matches in France, as well as a selection of other big games, will be on BBC One.

The remaining ties will either be shown on BBC Two, BBC Four or the BBC website/Red Button. The Scottish Gaelic channel BBC ALBA will also be screening the Scotland fixtures.

Women’s World Cup online

If you want to keep one eye on the action in your office, all of the games will be streamed on the BBC Sport website and iPlayer. In fact, it’s the only place you’ll find some of the games (see the fixture list below). Just be ready to quickly close the tab when your boss does their rounds…

Also be aware that you still need a TV licence to watch BBC iPlayer. For more information, visit the official TV Licensing website.

Smartphone and tablet

If you’ll be on a train, a plane or even a beach during that vital quarter-final, don’t fret: simply download the BBC iPlayer app (which is available for both Android and iOS devices) to keep up to date.

However, as always, you’ll still need a TV licence.


So, without further ado, here’s the Women’s World Cup fixture list, complete with where to find the games. To make things easy, the England and Scotland games are highlighted in bold…

Group stage

Friday 7 June

France vs South Korea, 8pm (BBC One)

Saturday 8 June

Germany vs China, 2pm (BBC One)

Spain vs South Africa, 5pm (BBC website/Red Button)

Norway vs Nigeria, 8pm (BBC website/Red Button)

Sunday 9 June

Australia vs Italy, 12pm (BBC website/Red Button)

Brazil vs Jamaica, 2.30pm (BBC website/Red Button)

England vs Scotland, 5pm (BBC One/BBC ALBA)

Monday 10 June

Argentina vs Japan, 5pm (BBC Two)

Canada vs Cameroon, 8pm (BBC website/Red Button)

Tuesday 11 June

New Zealand vs Netherlands, 2pm (BBC website/Red Button)

Chile vs Sweden, 5pm (BBC website/Red Button)

USA vs Thailand, 8pm (BBC Four)

Wednesday 12 June

Nigeria vs South Korea, 2pm (BBC website/Red Button)

Germany vs Spain, 5pm (BBC website/Red Button)

France vs Norway, 8pm (BBC Four)

Thursday 13 June

Australia vs Brazil, 5pm (BBC Two)

South Africa vs China, 8pm (BBC website/Red Button)

Friday 14 June

Japan vs Scotland, 2pm (BBC One/BBC ALBA)

Jamaica vs Italy, 5pm (BBC website/Red Button)

England vs Argentina, 8pm (BBC One)

Saturday 15 June

Netherlands vs Cameroon, 2pm (BBC One)

Canada vs New Zealand, 8pm (BBC website/Red Button)

Sunday 16 June

Sweden vs Thailand, 2pm (BBC website/Red Button)

USA vs Chile, 5pm (BBC Two)

Monday 17 June

China vs Spain, 5pm (BBC website)

South Africa vs Germany, 5pm (BBC website/Red Button)

Nigeria vs France, 8pm (BBC Four)

South Korea vs Norway, 8pm (BBC website/Red Button)

Tuesday 18 June

Jamaica vs Australia, 8pm (BBC website/Red Button)

Italy vs Brazil, 8pm (BBC Four)

Wednesday 19 June

Japan vs England, 8pm (BBC One)

Scotland vs Argentina, 8pm (BBC Four/BBC ALBA)

Thursday 20 June

Cameroon vs New Zealand, 5pm (BBC website/Red Button)

Netherlands vs Canada, 5pm (BBC website)

Sweden vs USA, 8pm (BBC Four)

Thailand vs Chile, 8pm (BBC website/Red Button)

Round of 16

Saturday 22 June

Group B winner vs Group A/C/D third place, 4.30pm (BBC Two)

Group A second place vs Group C second place, 8pm (TBA)

Sunday 23 June

Group D winner vs Group B/E/F third place, 4.30pm (TBA)

Group A winner vs Group C/D/E third place, 8pm (TBA)

Monday 24 June

Group B second place vs Group F winner, 5pm (TBA)

Group F second place vs Group E second place, 8pm (TBA)

Tuesday 25 June

Group C winner vs Group A/B/F third place, 5pm (TBA)

Group E winner vs Group D second place, 8pm (TBA)


Thursday 27 June

R16 winner 1 vs R16 winner 3, 8pm (TBA)

Friday 28 June

R16 winner 4 vs R16 winner 5, 8pm (BBC Four)

Saturday 29 June

R16 winner 7 vs R16 winner 8, 8pm (TBA)

R16 winner 2 vs R16 winner 6, 5.30pm (TBA)


Tuesday 2 July

QF winner 1 vs QF winner 2, 8pm (TBA)

Wednesday 3 July

QF winner 3 vs QF winner 4, 8pm (TBA)

Third-place play-off

Saturday 6 July

SF loser 1 vs SF loser 2, 4pm (BBC Two)

Women’s World Cup Final

Sunday 7 July

SF winner 1 vs SF winner 2, 4pm (BBC One)

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