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How do I stop Outlook making a sound when a new email arrives?

stop Outlook making a noise

I’ve just switched to a new computer, bringing with it the age-old hassle of updating all of my settings. One of which is to stop Outlook making a sound whenever a new email arrives, which drives me CRAZY.

So, here’s how to prevent Outlook from going ping every bleeding seven seconds.

First, open Outlook. I’m using the latest version, but the interface hasn’t changed much over the years so even if you’re on an older version it should look very similar.

Click on the File option at the top left, and then select Options. You’ll see something like this:

Outlook options

Now click on Mail and scroll down until you see the “Message arrival” section.

Stop Outlook making a sound

As you can see, Microsoft in its infinite wisdom wants the whole world to know when a new email arrives. My advice: get rid of all the options. Email just isn’t that important.

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