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What do the lights on the Nest Hello video doorbell mean?

Video doorbells have become very popular in recent years, with Nest and Ring the most popular on the market. As with almost all smart home devices, the Nest Hello video doorbell sports some mysterious lights:

  1. A small status light above the camera
  2. A large light ring surrounding the doorbell button

Let’s take each in turn and see what those different colours indicate…

Status light is solid green

Green status light

All is well. Your doorbell is turned on, connected to Wi-Fi and streaming video.

Light ring flashes yellow

Light ring flashing yellow.

There is insufficient power for the doorbell to operate. It’s got some power, just not enough.

Light ring flashes yellow 5 times

Light ring flashes yellow 5 times in quick succession, then pauses and repeats.

When you’re setting up the doorbell for the first time, you may see this light if it has trouble connecting to the Nest service or completing setup. Check the Nest app to see if there are any messages to help further.

Light ring pulses blue

Light ring pulses blue.

Your doorbell is ready and needs connect to the app.

Light ring spins blue

Light ring spins blue.

This can be one of 2 things…

  1. The doorbell is connecting to the app
  2. Someone has pressed the doorbell button and it’s waiting for someone to respond

Light ring pulses green once

Light ring pulses green once.

Your doorbell has successfully connected to the app and can now be used

Light ring pulses white

Light ring pulses white.

There’s somebody at the door!

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