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Can you use an Xbox One controller with the Xbox Series X or S?

If you’ve already handed over four hundred big ones for a new Xbox Series X, you may be none too keen to shell out further for additional controllers – especially with games costing £60 or more. The good news is you don’t have to. Xbox One controllers do indeed work with the Xbox Series X and S. Let us explain the finer detail.

The new Xbox Series X/S controller

Both the new Xbox Series X and the cheaper Series S come with a controller, so even if you’re new to the Microsoft console, you’ve got everything you require to get cracking. However, you may need more than one controller for multiplayer gaming or simply have a favourite old controller that you want to keep using, and there’s no problem with that whatsoever – your new console should recognise the old controllers.

If you look at the new controller (pictured above), you’ll notice it’s very similar to the Xbox One controller. The chief difference is the addition of a share button (to the top right of the redesigned D-pad), which allows you to take screenshots and ping them on the social media, amongst other things. It’s by no means a critical button, unless you’re a social media wonk.

How to connect Xbox One controller to the Xbox Series X/S

The process for connecting controllers is the same as before. Fire up the console, press the pairing button on the console (in the bottom right of the Series X fascia), then press the power button on the controller and press the pairing button on the top of that. The Xbox should handle the rest.

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  • Yes, can confirm the controllers from the Xbox One S work fine with a Series X. However, Amazon offered an extra tenner off of the new and gorgeous “Shock Blue” version and so couldn’t resist! 🙂