How do you play Among Us on a Chromebook?

Among Us Chromebook
Get among it: Chromebook owners can play Among Us

If, like me, you have a ten year old who spends half her time yelling “IT WASN’T ME!” at the top of her lungs, you’ve either got a junior serial killer in the house or an Among Us fan.

Among Us was probably the biggest gaming hit of 2020 and its popularity shows no sign of waning in 2021, especially now we’re all back in lockdown and kids can’t physically meet. If you own a Google Chromebook, you might be wondering if you can play on one of the laptops. You can – and here’s how.

What you’ll need to play Among Us on a Chromebook

If you want to play Among Us on a Chromebook you’ll need:

  • A Chromebook capable of installing apps from the Google Play Store – most Chromebooks sold in the past two or three years have this facility, but some older models may not be able to install these apps
  • A touchscreen device – the game uses touchscreen controls to move the little dudes around the spacecraft, so you will need a Chromebook with a touch display. There are no keyboard controls. It’s possible you might be able to plug a games controller into a non-touch Chromebook, but we were unable to test that. Let us know in comments at the foot of this article if you’ve managed to make that work.

How to install and play Among Us on a Chromebook

Go to the Google Play Store on your Chromebook and search for the game in the store. It’s normally around the top of the Games charts or on the Play Store homepage, so you might not even need to search for it.

Once you’ve installed the game, click on the orb in the bottom left of your Chromebook’s screen and use the search box that appears to search for the app, if it’s not already appeared in the shortcuts beneath the search box.

Now all you have to do is complete your tasks or kill lots of other spaceman dudes. But you knew that already…

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