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How do I unsubscribe from Gab emails?

Since the closure of Parler, Gab has become the social platform of choice for a “far-right userbase“. Some would dispute this description and would rather use something similar to Gab’s own statement that it has a “mission to defend free expression online for all people”. Free expression, however, seems to include making it overly difficult to unsubscribe from emails. So, if you’re a member looking to leave their mailing list, let me show you how to do so.

Unsubscribe directly from the email

When Gab sends out emails, there is no unsubscribe option. However, it does state at the bottom…

Change e-mail preferences:

Gab sends out emails in plain text, rather than HTML, which means that links within the email often aren’t clickable. And I think we’ve all been taught not to click links in emails anyway.

Unsubscribing manually

If, instead of following that link, you decide to find it manually, you need to log into Gab and click on your avatar in the top-right hand corner. Next, click on “Settings” from the down-down menu. By default, “Preferences” should be selected in the list of options on the left-hand side.

Whether you do this manually or followed that link, you’ll find you’re presented with a long screen of settings, none of which pertain to email notifications. Those options on the left-hand side all relate to content on this screen and nothing more.

The key here are those green words at the very top of the page. In other words, this bit…

Click on “NOTIFICATIONS” and, yes, you guessed it – there are your notification settings. I’ve opted for total peace, unless someone mentions me (highly unlikely)…

Thankfully, there is a direct link for this page –

I guess they’ve just forgotten to update their email footers. Of course, a direct option to unsubscribe from Gab emails would be better.

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