How do I delete Amazon wish lists?

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Box fresh: get your Amazon wish lists in order

It’s that time of year when the Amazon wish list comes into its own. But if you look at your Amazon wish lists you might find that you have loads of different lists, with only one item on them and names such as “Amazon Shopping List 11” and “Amazon Shopping List 12”. If you want to delete Amazon wish lists and give them a general tidy, here’s how to do it.

Why so many Amazon wish lists?

It’s not clear what causes Amazon to create so many different wish lists. My hunch is that the various Amazon apps and devices often create new lists instead of adding to your default wish list. So, when you put a book on your wish list from the Amazon Kindle, say, it creates a separate list for that book. Very annoying.

Luckily, it’s pretty easy to clean up the mess.

How to move items on Amazon wish lists

First, you might want to move items on the duplicate wish lists to your main wish list. That’s easy to do.

Go to the Amazon website and choose ‘Wishlist’ from the drop-down menu to the right of the search bar. (Amazon can’t seem to make its mind up whether wish list is one or two words, by the way.)

Now select the list containing items you wish to move, click the Move button next to the item concerned and choose which list to transfer it to, as shown below:

Amazon wish list

Delete Amazon wish lists

Once you’ve moved all the items you want to keep to the appropriate wish list, you can delete the unwanted list by clicking on the three dots/More link at the top of the list and selecting Manage List.

Scroll down to the bottom of the window that appears, and you should find an option to delete the list, as shown below:

Amazon wish list delete option

You’ll be given the chance to confirm you want to delete the wish list, just to make sure!

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