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How do I share my Wordle score?

Word power: share your Wordle scores

If the first thing you see when you trawl through Twitter of a morning is lots of coloured squares, you’ve probably got lots of friends playing Wordle. Want to join the fun but can’t work out how to share your Wordle score? Here’s how to share your Wordle score on social media from a variety of devices.

(P.S. We’re only going to show you how to share your score here. Note, it’s considered bad form to share the solution or drop hints about what today’s Wordle might be on social media.)

Click on the links below to jump straight to the section that shows you how to share Wordle scores on:

How to share a Wordle score from an Android phone or tablet

Once you’ve finished the game, you should be presented with a screen like this:

Wordle on Android phone

Hit the green Share button and your phone should present you with a list of installed apps to which you can send your score to, like this:

Wordle sharing options

You can click on any of those apps, or scroll along to find other apps that are hidden off screen. When you click one of those, you should find the score is automatically pasted into, say, a new tweet or a Gmail message.

If that doesn’t work, hit the Copy text button that you can see at the bottom of the screenshot below. Then open up the app that you want to share from and you should find a paste button at the top of the onscreen keyboard. The one on my Samsung phone is marked with a red arrow in the screenshot below, but it might differ depending on your phone and choice of onscreen keyboard.

Pasting Wordle score into Twitter

If you can’t find a paste button, hold your finger down on the screen in the space for entering the text of your tweet (ie. after the ‘today’ in the screenshot above) and a ‘paste’ button should appear on screen, allowing you to drop in your score.

How to share a Wordle score from an iPhone or iPad

Once you’ve finished a game on your iPhone/iPad you should see a screen like the one below. Hit the Share button and a message should appear saying “Copied result to clipboard”:

Wordle on iPad

Now open the app that you want to share the score from and start a new post. When the onscreen keyboard appears, you should see the option to paste the contents of the clipboard (ie. your score) appear. It’s the little pages icon that is marked with the red arrow on the screenshot below:

Pasting Wordle score on an iPad

Press that paste button and the score should appear in your tweet, Facebook post, email or whatever app you’re sharing the score from.

How to share a Wordle score from a PC or Mac

If you’re playing on a computer, you should see the following screen when you’ve finished the game. Hit the green Share button and you should see a message that the result has been copied to the clipboard, like so:

Wordle on Mac

Now open the app or visit the website where you want to share your score. In the example below, I’m sharing the score to my Facebook page. Open a new post, type any message you want before the score and then paste the score in. To paste on a PC, you press Ctrl + V together; to paste on a Mac it’s Command + V. The score should appear as below:

Wordle score shared on Facebook

Happy Wordling! And don’t blame us if people moan about yet another Wordle player clogging up their social media!

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  • My friend cannot share his results. When he selelects SHARE it says SHARE FAILED. I have suggested that he try a different browser. Do you have any other suggestions?

  • Any idea why when I copy and paste, the wordle results show up sideways when I send it in a text? It does not do this on facebook. I’ve tried share>click on text icon>paste AND also when I try to copy text, click on the wordle link (as in your android example above). The wordle result still pastes sideways. Thanks!

  • Share does not work on my Samsung tablet. It did up until this week. I click share and it does not appear on the clipboard. It’s only Wordle sharing does not work, and only on my tablet.