How do you display the clock on an Amazon Kindle?

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Clock on: get the time back on your Amazon Kindle

Having recently bought a new Kindle Paperwhite, I noticed that the clock was no longer displayed at the top of each page when reading. This was useful when I lay in bed at night to make sure I didn’t leave it too late to stop and try and actually, you know, sleep.

But I struggled to work out how to do it. A recent change to the Kindle interface didn’t help, either. In the end, my much-more-Kindle-savvy wife worked it out for me. So, if you’re lacking a sense of time whilst Kindling, read on for the answer.

Which interface is my Kindle using?

Are you using the recent version of the Kindle software with the refreshed look? This will determine how you switch the time option on.

  1. Whilst on the home screen, press the three vertical dots icon in the top, right-hand corner
  2. Select Settings
  3. Now select Device Options and then Device Info
  4. The window that appears will list information about your device, including the Firmware Version
  5. The new interface came with firmware 5.14.1 – if your firmware version number is earlier than this, then you’re using the older interface

Another, quicker way, is to open a book on your Kindle and then tap near to the top of the screen. Depending on what style of menu appears will determine whether you have the refreshed look or not. The new interface looks like this:

New Kindle interface

The older interface looks like this:

Old Kindle interface

How to display the clock on an Amazon Kindle

Time needed: 1 minute.

How to show the time at the top of each page on an Amazon Kindle

  1. Bring up the reading menu

    Whilst reading a book, touch near to the top of the page. A menu should appear.

  2. Heading into the font settings

    If you’re using the older interface, click on Page Display > Font & Page Settings. If you’re using the new interface, you need to touch the font icon. It looks like this (the Aa icon highlighted with a circle below):

  3. Select the appropriate tab

    If using the new interface, you need to touch the tab named “More”. For the older interface, you need to press the tab named “Reading”.

  4. Turn on the time setting

    You should now see a setting named “Show Clock While Reading”, which you just need to switch on. On the new interface, it’s near the top and, on the older one, it’s right at the bottom of the window.

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  • I’d like to see the time on top of the page (middle of it) when I’m reading! Currently I can see time on the right corner where the Home, Back, Settings etc visible.
    I use to have this setting, but I lost somehow…. Please help me get it back.

  • Thank you. That was literally the first thing I noticed was wrong after upgrading my old kindle. You saved so much faff.




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