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How do I remove a page in Microsoft Word?

Ended up with a blank page in Word? Here's how to remove it. Photo by Markus Spiske - Pexels

Isn’t it annoying when you suddenly notice a blank page in your Word document? You usually find it sat at the end, but an uninvited extra page can appear anywhere. Thankfully, there are easy ways remove a page in Microsoft Word. Let’s take a look at a couple.

Remove a page using the Navigation pane

One of the best methods to remove a page in Microsoft Word is with the Navigation pane. To do so, first select the View tab on the Ribbon menu and check the Navigation Pane box.

View Tab and Navigation Pane option in Word

The Navigation Pane will now appear at the left-hand side of your document. In this panel, click on Pages and select the blank page thumbnail. Once selected, slowly and repeatedly tap the Delete key on your keyboard until the offending page disappears.

Navigation Pane in Word

Once you’ve removed all of your unneeded pages, click the X in the top right of the Navigation Pane to close it.

Microsoft Word Navigation Pane

Remove a page using paragraph markers

Another useful method to remove a page from Microsoft Word is to use paragraph markers. When selected, these strange symbols show where you’ve hit the Enter key in your document, which is usually to begin a new paragraph.

Paragraph marker symbol

To show the paragraph markers, press Ctrl, Shift and 8 on your keyboard at the same time. (or the Command key and 8 on a Mac). Alternatively, click the Home tab on the Ribbon menu and click the paragraph icon.

Home Tab and paragraph icon in Word

On the blank page you want removing, you’ll now see the paragraph markers. To take out the page, highlight each marker with your mouse or touchpad and then press the Delete button on your keyboard. One marker may remain and, if it does, use the Backspace key on your keyboard to remove it. (On a Mac, you should only need the backspace key. However, if you ever need to delete something in front of your cursor, this article shows you how.)

Paragraph markers highlighted in Word

If highlighting isn’t your thing, then you can remove the markers – and the page – by using the Delete and Backspace keys until you’ve deleted all the markers and the page disappears.

After you’ve deleted all your unwanted pages, click the paragraph icon on the ribbon menu again to get rid of the markers and return your document to a more readable state.

Microsoft Word pages

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