What network does Lebara use in the UK?

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On call: find out which network Lebara uses

Lebara is a virtual mobile network (MVNO). It doesn’t run its own network or install masts, instead it piggybacks on another network. But which network does Lebara use in the UK?

The answer is Vodafone.

If you’re thinking about switching to Lebara – and the company certainly offers some very attractive deals that are much cheaper than going direct to Vodafone itself – then it’s a good idea to make use of Vodafone’s network coverage checker. Plug in the postcodes of places you visit regularly, in particular home and work, to make sure you’re going to get a decent service. Be aware that these coverage maps are never 100% accurate and they tend to be optimistic.

Does Lebara offer 5G?

Yes, at the time of writing in May 2022, all of Lebara’s plan include 5G at no extra charge. Bear in mind that 5G is still something you’re only likely to find in major towns and cities – the Vodafone network coverage checker linked above will reveal if a selected area benefits from 5G coverage.

You’ll also need a handset that’s 5G compatible. Most of the premium handsets sold over the past couple of years should offer 5G, but check your phone’s specs. The brilliant GSM Arena lets you punch in the model number of your phone and see whether it’s 5G compatible or not, amongst many other things.

Does Lebara offer free roaming?

Yes, Lebara is one of the few UK networks to still offer free roaming in the EU. Roaming is also free in India. The Lebara website has full details of international call/data charges.

What network does Lebara use in other countries?

Lebara is based in The Netherlands and operates beyond the UK. Here’s a list of its parent networks in various countries.

CountryParent network
Saudi ArabiaMobily
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