How do I stop notifications in Microsoft Edge?

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Don't ping me: switch off Edge notifications

The notifications feature in Microsoft Edge allows websites to display pop-up information even when you’re not on the site. While this may be useful, it also enables scammers to create fake notifications to part you from your money. A typical scam notification warns you of a virus on your computer in order to get you to call a bogus support company or buy ‘antivirus’ software. To avoid the hassle, here’s how to stop notifications in Microsoft Edge.

Fake notification in Edge

What do Edge notifications look like?

The best thing to do is to turn off notifications altogether, as explained later in this article. However, as Microsoft sometimes turns them back on after an Edge update, it’s worth keeping your eyes peeled for the box that initially offers them. This box usually appears at the top of Edge, just below the address bar. If you see one, click on Block. It’s possible you may want notifications from a certain website, but I haven’t found a useful one yet, so blocking them is the safest option.

Notification box by address bar in Edge

How to stop notifications in Microsoft Edge

First, open the Edge browser and click on the three vertical dots in the top right corner.

Edge Main menu three dots

Clicking the three dots brings up a selection of menu options. From that menu, select Settings.

Settings from more menu in edge

The Edge settings page should now appear. When it does, type notifications into the search box at the top of the left-hand menu.

Settings search box in Edge

You’ll now need to scroll down to find the All permissions heading in the right-hand pane of the settings page. You should now find the notification option highlighted in yellow. Click on this option to continue.

Notifications under all permission heading in Edge

To stop you receiving further offers to allow notifications from websites, click on the blue toggle switch to the right of Ask before sending.

Block notifications in Edge

Once you’ve flipped the switch, you shouldn’t receive any more offers to allow notifications. However, as already mentioned, be aware this may get turned back on after an Edge update.

Ask before sending turned off in edge

How do I block allowed notifications?

If you’re already receiving unwanted notifications, you can block or remove the websites that are sending them. To do this, click the three vertical dots to the right of any websites listed under the Allow heading in the Notifications section. From the menu that appears, either click Block or Remove. Unless you’re certain you want notifications from a certain website, it’s best to block them all and enjoy a more uninterrupted browsing experience.

Block or remove any allowed notifications in Edge

These unwanted notifications can also occur when using the Google Chrome web browser. Check out this article on how to stop notifications in Chrome if you’re bothered by them.

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