When will I get my Steam Deck?

Still waiting: find out when your Steam Deck may arrive. Photo by Edgar Almeida

Valve seems to be working hard to deliver the Steam Deck as soon as possible to everyone who’s pre-ordered. If you’ve reserved yours and wondering when you’ll get your Steam Deck, read on.

How can I check when my Steam Deck is coming?

Until you receive an email to confirm your Steam Deck is available – more on that later – you can get a rough idea of availability by visiting the Steam Deck website.

Once there, scroll down to the Choose your Steam Deck section. If you’re not already logged into Steam, select Login for Reservations on the Steam Deck version you’ve ordered, and sign in with your Steam account details.

Steam Deck website - login for reservations

Once you’re logged in, you’ll get an indication of when your Steam Deck may be ready and the option to cancel your reservation. Unfortunately, the closest Valve come to a date is sometime within a particular three-month period – if you’re lucky. Otherwise, it’s simply after a certain quarter with no specific time given.

When Steam Deck reservation due

It’s therefore a case of patiently waiting. As an example, I pre-ordered my Steam Deck on the first day you could – 16 July 2021. My expected order availability date was for Q3 2022 and, on 4 July 2022, I received the confirmation email that allowed me to complete the purchase.

Your Steam Deck is available email

Valve gave me three days to respond and pay. I did it straight away and received another email on 7 July to inform me that my Steam Deck was ready to ship. They sent it from the Netherlands to the UK and my Deck arrived four days later.

And was it worth the wait? You bet it was!

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