What do the lights on a Vodafone Wi-Fi Hub router mean?

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Light up: find out what Vodafone's router lights mean

Five different lights illuminate the new Vodafone Vox 3 Wi-Fi Hub. If you own one of these routers and want to know what they all mean, then read on.

(Note: If you own the older Vox 2.5 Hub, then read this article on what the lights mean on this Vodafone router.)

The five lights on the Vox 3 are all spread across the bottom of the Vodafone Wi-Fi Hub, with each light labelled. Let’s look at each in turn from left to right.

Vodafone Wi-Fi Hub

Power Light on a Vodafone Wi-Fi Hub Router

As you may have guessed, this light lets you know power is getting to your Vodafone router. However, it also helps determine if there is an an issue with the hub. The three possibilities for this light are:

White – Power is getting to the router and all should be okay.

Red – The power light may appear red when you first switch on. However, if it hasn’t changed to white after five minutes, you may have a problem. Switching the router off and back on should hopefully solve the issue.

No light – There isn’t any power to the router. If this is the case, check you’ve connected the power adapter and switched it on at the wall. Also check you’ve pressed the power button on at the back of the router.

Internet light on a Vodafone Wi-Fi Hub Router

The internet light lets you know if you’re connected to your broadband and able to access the web. Depending on what the light shows, it can help you determine if there’s a problem with your internet connection.

White – your router is connected to the internet, and you should be able to enjoy browsing the web.

Flashing white – If you’ve restarted your router, the light should flash white just before it goes solid. At this stage it’s establishing a connection to the internet.

Flashing red – the internet light will flash red for a while when restarting. However, if it doesn’t turn white after five minutes, or you find your Vodafone router in this state, you may have a problem. The first thing to do is check your connections and try turning your router off and back on. If that doesn’t solve it, it’s worth connecting Vodafone support. In case you need to phone, the customer service number is 0333 3040191.

Phone light on a Vodafone Wi-Fi Hub Router

This light will only be lit if you have a telephone connected directly to the router. Otherwise, you can ignore it.

White – you can make calls on the phone connected to the router.

Flashing white – you are currently on a call.

Red – you can’t use the phone. You can try restarting the router or contacting Vodafone.

Mobile light on a Vodafone Wi-Fi Hub Router

Vodafone can supply a backup dongle that uses mobile internet if you lose your direct connection. This light will therefore only be on if you’ve got one of these dongles. If you do, then the three light states are:

White – the mobile backup device is connected and working.

Flashing Red – the backup device is connected but isn’t working correctly. If this is happening, unplug and reconnect the dongle or try restarting the router.

Red – the router can’t detect a SIM card. In this case, make sure you’ve inserted the SIM correctly into the dongle. If all looks okay, then contact Vodafone support.

Wi-Fi light on a Vodafone Wi-Fi Hub Router

The Wi-Fi light on your Vodafone router helps you check connection issues – especially with wireless devices.  

White – Wi-Fi is on and working.

Pulsing white – the router is pairing with a wireless device through WPS.

No light – The Wi-Fi is disabled. It’s easy to accidently turn off the wireless by pressing the Wi-Fi button on the top right of the router. If you would prefer it on, press the Wi-Fi button again and both the Wi-Fi light and the wireless should come back on.

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