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How can you save money on Microsoft 365 in the UK?

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Be 'appy: don't pay over the top for Microsoft 365

Don’t buy it from Microsoft. Seriously, if you want to save money on Microsoft 365, Microsoft is the last company you want to give money to (directly, at least). Here’s how to make a substantial saving on a Microsoft 365 subscription.

Just to be clear, Microsoft 365 is the artist formerly known as Office 365 or Microsoft Office, and includes the desktop and mobile versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other apps.

How much is Microsoft 365?

If you buy a subscription to Microsoft 365 directly from Microsoft – which the various apps will nag you to do – you’ll end up paying well over the odds.

Microsoft 365 Personal costs £59.99 per year, while Microsoft 365 Family (which covers six different family members, each of which can install the software on five different devices) costs £79.99 per year.

All prices correct at the time of writing in September 2022.

How do I get a discount on Microsoft 365?

By buying from a third-party retailer such as Amazon. As you can see from the screenshot above, Amazon sells codes for various versions of Microsoft 365, some of which come bundled with security software.

The prices are insane, because a Family subscription for six users is somehow £4 cheaper than a Personal subscription for one user.

However, the best deal is the £59.99 Microsoft 365 Family + Norton Deluxe package, because that lasts for 15 months, reducing the cost per month to £4, rather than the £6.67 you’d pay if you bought direct from Microsoft.

You don’t even need to install the security software if you don’t want it. Note that a condition of these bundles is that you enter payment details so that the security software automatically enrolls into a full-price subscription once the 15 months is up, so set yourself a reminder for 14 months down the line if you do decide to install Norton, McAfee or whichever other security package is bundled.

These deal are direct from Amazon, not iffy third-party resellers. (Although do check the vendor carefully before you buy.) You’ll be emailed a link, where you sign in with your Microsoft account details and your subscription will be automatically added. If your current Microsoft 365 subscription still has time to run, your new subscription will simply be added on, so you don’t lose out by activating a new sub before the old one expires.

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