Where are BBC iPlayer downloads stored?

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On the go: but where are BBC iPlayer downloads stored?

One of the great features of BBC iPlayer is the ability to download shows and movies so you can watch them without needing the internet. But where are BBC iPlayer downloads stored on your device? Let’s find out.

BBC iPlayer downloads on Windows or macOS

To download a BBC iPlayer programme on a Windows computer or Apple Mac, you first need to look for it on the BBC iPlayer website. When you’ve decided on something, you can click the Download button, and the programme will download using the BBC iPlayer download app. If you haven’t already installed the app, the website will ask you when you choose your show or film.

Installing or downloading BBC iPlayer downloads

You also use the BBC iPlayer downloads app to watch your downloaded programmes and control where they are stored. To find out where your shows are kept, open the app and click the Settings option at the top right-hand corner. Once the settings options are available, look under the Destination heading to find the location of your downloads.

Location of downloads on Windows

On a Windows computer, the default location of your programme downloads is within a folder called BBC iPlayer Downloads, found nestled in your Videos folder.

Destination information iPlayer downloads app for Windows

Location of downloads on an Apple Mac

If you’re using an Apple Mac, you can find your downloaded shows and films in the BBC iPlayer Downloads folder situated in your Movies folder.

Destination information iPlayer downloads app for Apple Mac

The BBC iPlayer downloads app also allows you to change the destination folder if you need to. You can also quickly open the location by clicking the View in Explorer or View in Finder link.

BBC iPlayer downloads on a mobile phone or tablet

To download programmes onto your mobile or tablet, you first need to install the BBC iPlayer app. Once installed, you can view all your shows on the app, whether downloaded or streamed. While this makes viewing convenient, the downside is that you can’t manually access your downloaded programmes as they are stored within the app.

Because of this inflexibility, you can’t transfer your programmes onto another device and must download them again if you change phones, for example. Furthermore, if you’re low on storage space, you can’t move your programmes to another location, such as an SD card. Fortunately, you can fix this by installing or moving the entire iPlayer app onto the card if your device supports it.

You may prefer to stream downloads via iPlayer instead. Read our handy guide to find out how much data BBC iPlayer uses per hour,

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