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How long do items stay in an Amazon Locker?

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Locked and loaded: find out how long Amazon leaves goods in Lockers (Photo by David Pisnoy on Unsplash)

If you’re not at home during the working day, Amazon Hub Lockers can be very handy. Often found outside places such as supermarkets or other local businesses, your goods are delivered to a Locker so that you can retrieve them when it’s convenient, say after work. But how long do items stay in an Amazon Locker? We’ve got the answer.

How long are deliveries kept in an Amazon Locker?

Items are stored in an Amazon Locker for up to three days.

If you’ve not collected the item within three days, Amazon’s couriers will empty the Locker, return the item to the company and you’ll be automatically granted a refund.

The key thing here is to check the opening hours of the business where the Lockers are kept. For some Lockers, it won’t matter, because they’re in, say, a supermarket car park that is accessible 24/7. In others, the Lockers may be behind locked gates or in the store itself, so you will need to check opening hours. This can be particularly critical around Christmas, if you’re relying on a last-minute delivery.

Amazon displays the opening hours of each location when you select the Locker you wish to pick up from. The times are printed beneath the location itself, as shown below:

Amazon Locker times

Amazon will send you an email when the courier has dropped the package to the Locker, which will contain the unique pick-up code that you need to open the relevant locker and collect your items. Obviously, don’t go to the Locker before you’ve received that email.

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