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Why won’t Zoom update on my Mac?

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Zoom in: fix a problem with the Mac app

Trying to join a Zoom meeting, but every time you click on Zoom it tells you it can’t update the software? I encountered the exact same problem, with Zoom reporting error code 10004. Here’s what to do when Zoom won’t update on Mac.

What’s the problem?

Every time you open Zoom or click on a link to join a meeting, the app fires up and then tells you it’s updating. However, before long you’re looking at an error screen like this:

When you press Retry, it simply loops back to the screen above and you can’t make or join calls.

What does Zoom error code 10004 mean?

It appears to be a problem affecting Zoom on the latest version of macOS Ventura. According to Zoom’s own support docs: “Devices running macOS 13 Ventura beta 5 or higher with Zoom desktop client versions¬†5.11.6 – 5.12.0 may encounter this error when updating the desktop client.”

Luckily, there’s a fairly easy solution.

How do you update Zoom on a Mac? 

If Zoom is refusing to update because of error code 10004 or any other error, the simplest solution is to remove it and re-download the app again.

To uninstall Zoom, click on Finder in your Dock (the icon with the half-blue, half grey face) and then click on Applications in the left-hand menu.

Select from the list of applications, and then drag it down to the Bin icon on your Dock.

macOS applications listing Zoom

Now visit the Zoom Download Center and re-download the Zoom Desktop Client.

When it’s finished download, double click and follow the on-screen instructions. If you’re running a Mac powered by Apple’s own silicon, it may attempt a second installation to optimise the software for your M1/M2 processor.

Hopefully, you can now make calls and join those hideous business meetings as before!

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