What does the flashing orange light on a Plusnet router mean?

Picture of Plusnet Hub 2 router
Amber warning: it may be blue now, but find out what to do if it flashes orange

The twin lights on the front of Plusnet’s new Hub 2 router are a helpful indicator of how happy your internet connection is. If all is well, the lights should be a lovely solid blue. However, if you find your router flashing orange, then something is wrong. So let’s take a look at what the flashing orange light on a Plusnet router means and what you can do to fix it.

What does the flashing orange light indicate?

A flashing orange light on your Plusnet 2 router means the hub is working, but there is a problem with your internet connection. It can happen for various reasons, so check the steps below to get things back up and running.

How do I fix the flashing orange light on my Plusnet router?

It’s worth trying each of the following steps in turn to help solve the problem.

Restart your Plusnet Hub 2 Router

To restart the router, press the power button on the hub. You’ll find the button next to where the power cord connects to the box. Leave it for around 10 seconds, and then press it again. If you can’t find the power button, remove the power cord or switch off the router at the electric socket instead. Again, leave it for ten seconds and then reconnect the cable or flick the socket switch back on.

The hub should now restart. It can take up to ten minutes, so be patient. Eventually, the lights should go a solid blue. Once they do, check your internet, and you’ll hopefully be back in business. If not, then try the next step.

Check the cables on your Plusnet Hub 2 Router

Your router connects to the internet through either a broadband or WAN cable. Which type you have depends on your internet connection. To find out, check near your router for a second box fastened to the wall that looks something like the picture below.

Openreach modem

If you have one of these modems, you have full-fibre broadband, and you should look for the WAN socket on the back of the router. It’s one of the four yellow sockets closest to the power cord. If there is no cable attached to the WAN socket, find it and reattach it. It’s also worth checking the Openreach modem to ensure it’s powered up and working.

If you don’t have an Openreach modem, then your internet comes through your telephone line. In that case, look for the grey socket marked Broadband at the back of the router. If there is no cable attached, find it and reconnect it. It’s also worth following this cable to the telephone socket to ensure it’s connected there as well.

If you find the cables attached, it’s also a good idea to unplug the WAN or Broadband cable and reattach it to see if it helps. Once you’ve reconnected either cable, wait for around ten minutes and see if the lights turn blue. If they don’t, the issue could be elsewhere, so it’s now worth checking whether Plusnet is having any problems in your area.

Check the Plusnet service status

An external problem, such as an outage, could be the reason for the flashing orange light on your Plusnet router. You can quickly check this by using the Plusnet Service Status website. If it shows any issues in your area, it’s best to wait it out and keep checking the sites for updates. If you find no problems listed, then the next step is to get in touch with Plusnet.

Plusnet service status

Contact Plusnet

One of the quickest ways to contact Plusnet and check if there is a fault with your broadband is to use its text service. Simply text HELP to 07800 008121, and Plusnet will do some tests and get in touch if there’s an issue. You can also contact Plusnet by phone on 0800 432 0200. Unfortunately, both services are only available each day from 8am to 7:30pm, but if you text, the support team will pick up your message when the lines reopen.

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