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What does the lights on the Google Nest Wifi mean?

Google Nest Wifi
Shine a light: find out what the LEDs on a Google Nest Wifi mean

The Google Nest Wifi isn’t like most other routers. The router comes with a number of “points”. These are basically Wi-Fi extenders, and act as smart speakers. Each of those devices has status lights that mean different things. Here, then, is what the lights on a Google Nest Wifi mean, with notes on where they differ between the main router and points.

No lights on the Google Nest Wifi

There are a few reasons for this:

  1. The Nest has has no power – check the power cable is properly connected and that it’s plugged into the main securely
  2. The light was dimmed in the Google Home app – you can head into the app and change this
  3. After you’ve set up the points, lights will only appear when you’re interacting with the device. If this is a point, say “Ok Google” and the lights should come on.

Solid white

The router is online and everything is working as it should be. In theory, at least!

Flashing white

  • On the main router, this means that it’s starting up – this takes about a minute. When it’s done, it will slowly pulse white, letting you know it’s ready for setup

Slowly pulsing white

  • The router is ready for set up – use the Google Home app to complete the process
  • On a point, you may also see this when the device is starting up

Fast pulsing white

This only occurs on a point and means one of the following:

  • Once your device is set up, the light will pulse white when interacting with Google Assistant
  • The light will also pulse white when you have a notification or reminder. This will last for 10 minutes or until the person with the reminder listens to it

Solid yellow

The router is in the process of factory resetting.

  • This can take up to 10 minutes
  • When it’s reset, the device will start pulsing white and is ready for set up

Slowly Pulsing yellow

There is a network error.

  • Check your main router and the modem that it connects to – make sure they’re both on and that the Ethernet cable between them is secure
  • You might need to restart each of them

If only one point is pulsing yellow:

  • Restart the point in the Google Home app
  • If that doesn’t fix the issue, reset your point (see below) and set it up again

Fast pulsing yellow

The light should be doing this if you’re holding down the reset button, so as to factory reset the device. See below on how to do this.

Pulsing blue

You’re receiving a call!

Solid orange

The microphone is muted. On the back of the point is a switch and you can use this to unmute the mic again.

Solid red

Something is wrong – try resetting the router (see below).

How to reset Google Nest Wifi

If the lights on the Google Nest Wifi indicate a problem that you can’t solve, you may need to perform a reset. Here’s how to do it:

  • On the rear of the device is a reset button
  • Hold this button down and, after about 12 seconds, the status light should turn solid yellow
  • Once it is solid yellow, let go of the factory reset button

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