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Which team is Capitoline in FM23?

Capitoline in FM23
New team? Find out who Capitoline used to be!

If you’ve installed the recent FM23 winter data update, you might have noticed a curious new team has appeared. If you’re playing in Italy or European competition, you might stumble across a side called Capitoline. Who are they? And what’s going on here?

Capitoline in FM23 revealed

Capitoline is now the name given to AS Roma.

As with Juventus (once called Zebre in the game, before reverting to their rightful name) and Napoli (currently called Parthenope), it seems Sports Interactive has run into another naming rights issue with AS Roma. That means it’s forced to drop the name from the game, as well as the club’s official kit.

If you dig deep into the club’s menu, Capitoline still retains AS Roma’s history, even if all mention of the name is completely wiped.

Should you manage in Italy in FM23?

It’s a shame these naming rights issues continue to afflict the Serie A clubs in the game, because Italy is a great place to manage in FM23. Serie A is one of the most competitive major leagues in Europe, with several clubs capable of winning the title, including AC Milan, Inter Milan and Juventus. Just below them, you’ve got clubs such as Atalanta, Napoli/Parthenope and AS Roma/Capitoline who are also capable of a tilt at the title.

I’ve been managing Atalanta for four seasons in FM23, and I’ve just secured my first Serie A title, having missed out by a point in the previous season.

The biggest downside to managing in Italy is the very tight and sometimes confusing rules on non-EU players. You’re only allowed to sign one or two of these every season, and working out whether you have a free non-EU slot can be tricky. In my second season, I signed a non-EU player who had to sit out the entire season because I misunderstood the rules. Check the blurb that appears when you’re confirming non-EU signings carefully to make sure you can actually register a non-EU signing, and don’t assume that selling another non-EU player in your squad will automatically clear a slot.

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