How do I cancel TalkTalk broadband?

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Talk it out: find out how to cancel your broadband

If you’re unhappy with TalkTalk or have found a better deal elsewhere, you may want to cancel your TalkTalk broadband service. However, before you go in with all guns blazing, it’s best to check a few things first to avoid unwanted fees and a massive headache. Let’s take a look at what you need to do to cancel your TalkTalk broadband.

Has my TalkTalk contract ended?

It’s best to cancel your TalkTalk broadband when you are out of contract, as this avoids any potential cancellation fees. To check if your contract has ended, call TalkTalk on 0345 172008, use the Live Chat service or log into your TalkTalk account.  If you log into your account, look under the heading My TalkTalk, and your expiration date will be listed in a box called My package.

Contract Expiry date TalkTalk broadband

How do I cancel TalkTalk broadband if my contract has ended?

When out of contract, the easiest way to cancel your TalkTalk broadband is to contact your new supplier directly. Your new provider will do all the legwork for you by cancelling your TalkTalk broadband and moving you to the new service. Unfortunately, there are some exceptions to this, especially if you currently have full-fibre broadband. However, there’s no harm in checking with your new provider first.

If you no longer need broadband or have to cancel the service yourself for any reason, then call TalkTalk on 0345 172008. You will likely be put through to a retentions department, and the person there will do their best to make you stay. This is an excellent opportunity to get a better deal if your only gripe is with the price. However, if you’re determined to move, hold your ground and continue asking for the cancellation.

How do I cancel TalkTalk broadband if my contract hasn’t ended?

Cancelling your contract before it has ended will likely result in early termination fees. The fee ranges from £10.20 to £19.20 for each month remaining on your contract, depending on which broadband package you have. For example, if you have six months remaining on Fibre35, your cancellation fee will be £61.20 (6 x £10.20). Ideally, contact TalkTalk first to check the exact amount you must pay.

Can I avoid TalkTalk cancellation fees?

There are a few ways you may be able to cancel your TalkTalk broadband and avoid paying any termination fees. These are:

Cooling-off period

If you have just signed a contract with TalkTalk, you can cancel within 14 days of the date you placed the order. There are no cancellation fees; you only pay for the services used within that time.

Great Connection Guarantee

TalkTalk now offers a guarantee on its fibre broadband packages. If you take out one of these deals and are unhappy with the connection within the first 30 days, you can cancel and only pay for the service you’ve used.

If your broadband is too slow

TalkTalk has opted into Ofcom’s Broadband Speeds Code of Practice, which gives you a minimum speed guarantee when you sign up for any of its packages.

Guaranteed speeds for TalkTalk broadband

You can cancel your contract with no termination fees if your broadband does not meet this minimum speed. However, you first need to make sure. To check your broadband speed, use the speed test option on your TalkTalk account dashboard under the heading My Connection.

Run a TalkTalk Speed Test

While many other websites offer broadband speed tests, use the TalkTalk one as it provides more clout when you contact them. You should also test with an Ethernet cable directly connected to your router, as a wireless connection cannot always give you an accurate reading.

Once you’ve tested a few times and believe your broadband speed is consistently below the minimum, contact TalkTalk by phone or via Live Chat. Hopefully, the technical department at TalkTalk can sort out the problem. However, if it can’t get you back up to speed within 30 days, you have the right to cancel your broadband contract penalty-free.

If TalkTalk increase the price

Your TalkTalk broadband contract will include a yearly price rise at the inflation rate plus an additional 3.7%. However, if the price increase is higher than this, you should be able to cancel and incur no exit fees. TalkTalk will inform you of any price hikes, so if you’re unhappy with the extra charges, get in touch within 30 days of the notification. But whip out your calculator first. It’s worth double-checking that the price increase is above anything mentioned in your contract before wasting a phone call.

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