What does the red light mean on a Co-op Broadband router?

red status light on co-op broadband router
Red light spells danger: find out what the router lights mean

If you’ve noticed a red light on your Co-op broadband router, you’re likely struggling to get the internet. So let’s take a look at what the red status light means and what you can do to solve it.

What is the status light?

The status light gives you general information about the state of the router. It’s usually green to show that all is well. However, if you find the light has turned red, there’s a problem.

Red status light on a Co-op broadband router

What do I do if the status light is red?

The first thing to try is to restart your router. You can either turn it off at the wall socket or press the small button at the back of the router next to the power cord. Wait for around ten seconds and then turn it back on. It’s worth waiting about ten minutes to ensure the router has fully rebooted. Once it has, the status light should shine green, and you’ll find your internet connection restored.

The status light is still red. What now?

If a router reboot doesn’t solve the problem and the status light is still red, then it’s worth checking the cabling. First, look to see if the telephone cable is connected. This cable is usually grey, and you should find it plugged into the DSL port at the back of the router. If there is no cable attached, find it and reconnect itIt’s also worth following this cable to the telephone socket to ensure it’s connected there as well.

If you find the cables attached, it’s also a good idea to unplug the telephone cable and reattach it to see if that helps. Once reconnected, wait around ten minutes to see if the status light turns green. If it stays red, the issue could be elsewhere, so it’s now worth checking whether the Co-Op has any internet problems in your area.

Check the Co-op service status website

An external problem, such as an outage, could be the reason for the red status light on your router. You can quickly check this by using the Co-op service status website. If you find no problems listed, then the next step is to get in touch with the Co-op.

Co-op service status website broadband working

How to contact Co-op technical help

To contact the Co-op’s technical team, you can fill out a help form on its website. If you prefer, you can also email or call them with full details on how to do so via the Contact Us page.

What do the other lights mean on my Co-op broadband router?

If you still have issues, it’s worth checking the other lights on the router. Below is a list of the different lights, their meaning, and how they may help solve your problem.

Status light

As already mentioned, the status light gives you general information about the state of the router. It can be:

Green – The router is working normally.

Red – There is an error or a problem with your router. If this is the case, follow the advice given in this article.

Off – The router is turned off, or no power is getting to it.

Broadband light

The broadband light lets you know whether there is a working broadband connection.

Solid Green – Connected to broadband.

Flashing Green – The router is synchronising with your broadband connection. When you restart the router, the light will flash green before it goes solid. If it continuously flashes green, follow the advice in this article.

Off – The router has no broadband connection. The status light will also show red. If no broadband light shows, follow the advice in this article.

Internet light

The internet light shows if you have internet access.

Green – You have internet access, and all should be working.

Blinking green – The router is transferring or receiving data.

Flashing red – There is no internet access available. If this is the case, follow the advice in this article.

Off – No internet is available. The status light should also shine red. If so, follow the advice in this article.

Wireless 2.4GHz and 5GHz lights

These lights let you know if you have wireless connectivity on the router’s two bands:

Green – You have wireless connectivity.

Blinking green – The router is transmitting or receiving data.

Off – The wireless function on the router is disabled. This router model can vary, but it could have a Wireless On/Off button to the far right of the lights. If you need Wi-Fi, press the button for around five seconds to turn the Wi-Fi and the wireless lights back on.

WPS light

If you need to use WPS to connect a device to your Wi-Fi then you’ll find a WPS button on the side of the router. Press it for around three seconds to activate it, and the WPS light will flash orange while attempting to pair. Otherwise, the lights can be:

Off – Inactive.

Red – Pairing has failed.

Green – Pairing is successful.

Flashing orange – Trying to pair.

Ethernet light

If you have attached any of your devices via an Ethernet cable, then this LED will be green. It will also flash when the router is transmitting or receiving data through the cable.

TV / Phone

The router may also have a TV or Phone LED. This light will be green if you have a digital phone or TV package with the Co-op.

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