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How can I add a link to my Threads profile on my website?

Hidden feature: You can find your Threads web profile

Meta has launched the Threads social media service as an obvious, direct competitor to Twitter. If you’re one of the first to jump aboard the new network, you might be wondering how you add a link to a Threads profile from a website or Linktree. It’s not immediately obvious, but there is a way.

To get users onto the platform as quickly and easily as possible, Threads is built on Instagram, so reuses your profile from that. Indeed, it will also use your existing follower list from Instagram to build an equivalent on Threads as well. With just a few button presses you can not only have a Threads account but a long list of followers too.

Although there is no full web interface for Threads yet, there is something lurking behind the Threads title page, which suggests it may be coming soon. And, yes, that “something” is your profile page.

Here’s the URL format of it:{your user name}

All you need to do is replace {your user name} with your own user name. My user name is _dartiss, for example, so my profile is

It’s pretty basic right now, but does allow you to provide a link from your website to show your presence on the network.

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