How do I add Amazon search to Vivaldi?

Add Amazon search to Vivaldi
Searching question: make Amazon shopping easier with Vivaldi

Vivaldi is by far the best desktop browser available today. Why? Many reasons, but one is the level of customisation you can do that can save time and solve problems. For example, I search for a lot of products on Amazon and don’t want to load up the full site just to check prices. So how do you add Amazon search to Vivaldi?

Add Amazon search to Vivaldi

Vivaldi has a dedicated search box that allows you to pick your favourite search engine from the drop-down menu and then enter your search term.

Even better than that, you can give each search engine a nickname – which can be as little as one letter – that makes searching even easier. For example, Wikipedia is assigned the nickname ‘w’ by default. If I want to search Wikipedia for say, Bob Hoskins, all I need to type is ‘w bob hoskins’ in the main address bar and I get a page full of Bob.

Vivaldi currently has seven search engines supplied by default, listed below with their nicknames:

  • Google g
  • Bing b
  • Yahoo y
  • StartPage s
  • DuckDuckGo d
  • Ecosia e
  • Wikipedia w

The great thing about this hugely customisable browser is you can add your own search engines, too. To do this, press the Vivaldi button in the top left-hand corner, select Tools then Settings, and then click on the Search tab. Click on the + button to add a search engine.

Here comes the slightly tricky bit. You need to know the URL (website address) structure of the search engine you wish to add.

If you want to add Amazon as a search engine, enter the following in the URL field:

Name the search engine ‘Amazon’ and give it the nickname ‘a’ and then the next time you want to search for deckchairs on Amazon, you simply type the following into the main address bar (not the search box):

a deckchair

The Vivaldi blog shows you the URLs to enter for five more popular sites, including YouTube, Google Maps and

If you wanted to add The Big Tech Question as a search engine, enter the following in the URL field:

You’ll probably want to choose the nickname ‘q’ instead of ‘b’, as ‘b’ is already reserved for Bing.

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