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How do I protect Amazon Prime Video with a PIN?

Protect Amazon Prime Video with a PIN?
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Children are getting more tech-savvy by the minute, which is a problem if they have easy access to streaming services such as Amazon Prime Video. Luckily, the site has a way of hiding inappropriate content from prying eyes. Here’s how to protect Amazon Prime Video with a PIN.

Protect Amazon Prime Video with a PIN: Desktop

Setting a PIN for Amazon Prime Video and locking off TV programmes and films will only take a minute – at most.

To begin, if you’re on a laptop or PC, head to the homepage (obviously, log in if you’ve haven’t already) and click Settings in the top-right corner. Select the Parental Controls tab to be given the following screen…

Protect Amazon Prime Video with a PIN

Type in the PIN you would like to use (don’t even think about your birth date, “1234” or “0000” – they’ll be no match for determined kids) and click Save.

Once that’s done, you’ll be given a notification – and will now be able to scroll down to change the age-rating slider.

Protect Amazon Prime Video with a PIN

To toggle what is and isn’t PIN-protected, click on one of the green blobs and your choice will be automatically saved. You can easily reverse the restrictions by re-clicking on the locked blob at a later date. 

By scrolling down further, you can also select whether you want the PIN to apply to every device you use to watch Amazon Prime Video – or set exemptions such as your smartphone or tablet.

Protect Amazon Prime Video with a PIN: Apps

Speaking of which, you can also set the parental controls via the Amazon Prime Video app – something you can’t do with Netflix. Advantage Bezos.

Simply open the iOS or Android app and click on the settings menu in the top-left of the screen (three horizontal lines). Scroll down to Settings, tap Parental Controls and then select Viewing Restrictions.

After you’ve re-entered your password, you’ll see a page that’s almost exactly the same as the desktop version…

Protect Amazon Prime Video with a PIN

To toggle the restrictions, simply tap the green blob next to the age rating. Usefully, you can also change how many devices are PIN-protected via the app. It’s simple, intuitive stuff.

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