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How do I disable the Bixby button on a Galaxy S9?

disable Bixby button
Bye-bye Bixby: silence Samsung's assistant

Bixby – Samsung’s answer to Siri, Alexa and the other voice assistants – is about as much use as toenail in a sandwich. Worse, Samsung has decided to devote an entire button to it on devices such as the Galaxy S9, S8 and Note 8. How do you disable the Bixby button and stop the world’s most irritating assistant from being accidentally activated every time you reach to turn your music volume down?

How to disable the Bixby button

Thankfully it’s very simple to disable the Bixby button:

  • Swipe right on your phone’s home screen until you reach the Bixby homepage
  • Click on the little settings cog at the top of the page
  • Choose the option to disable what Samsung calls the ‘Bixby key’, as shown below

It’s irritating that Samsung doesn’t let you put this button to better use – as a shortcut to an app you might actually use, for example. Nevertheless, no Bixby is better than a bad Bixby.

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