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How can I turn off Bixby Home on my Samsung Galaxy smartphone?

Turn off Bixby Home
Make it Homeless: shed the Bixby Home screen

Little-known fact: the word Bixby actually means ‘massive pain in the backside’ in Korean. OK, it doesn’t. But it should. And one of the biggest Bixbys going is the Bixby Home screen that’s automatically switched on for Samsung Galaxy smartphones. It’s hard to think of a bigger waste of pixels. So here’s how to turn off Bixby Home.

What is Bixby Home?

Bixby Home is the screen that appears when you swipe to the far left of the homescreens on the Samsung Galaxy. It’s a screen full of Samsung promotions and other useless gubbins that you’ll miss about as much as a verruca.

Bixby Home

If you disable Bixby Home, the furthest left you’ll be able to swipe is your primary Home screen, which is much more convenient. Plus, your phone will likely run a smidgen more smoothly without this nonsense running in the background.

How to turn off Bixby Home

Luckily, it’s simple to rid your phone of this nuisance. Just hold down on any blank space on any of your homescreens and swipe as far left as possible.

You should see a screen like the one below. Flick the Bixby Home button to off and it will disappear from your phone. Good riddance.

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