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Why is my Echo so slow to respond?

amazon echo slow

Every now and again you may find that your Amazon Echo is slow to respond. Your once-snappy friend Alexa will instead take several seconds to wake up, which makes natural conversation difficult. Here are the reasons why it happens and what you can do about it.

Before we delve deep into steps to follow, here’s a quick checklist. They may sound simple, patronising even, but it’s easy to assume things…

  • Sorry to even ask, but is the Echo definitely switched on? It’s so easy to knock out a plug…
  • Is the microphone switched on? Some models have a button at the top that people (or fellow household dwellers) press and then forget about
  • Did you forget that you changed your wake word? (I’ve done this.)
  • Is your internet definitely working?

Fixing a slow Amazon Echo: option 1

It’s boring but effective: you need to unplug your Echo, leave it for around 30 seconds, and then plug it back in again. Don’t worry, it will reconnect to your network so you won’t need to plug in any new settings.

Some people find that they need to repeat this process, but it worked fine for me on the first attempt.

Fixing a slow Amazon Echo: option 2

If restarting your Echo doesn’t work then it could be an internet connectivity problem. If you’ve positioned your Echo too far away from a router or it’s suffering from interference (eg microwaves) then it will either take longer or stop working altogether.

The fix? Try moving the Echo to a location that’s away from electrical appliances and closer to the router.

Fixing a slow Amazon Echo: option 3

It could be that something is wrong with your Echo. The first step is to perform a reset of the Echo, which will hopefully fix the issue. If it doesn’t, it’s time to get in touch with Amazon about a replacement.

Fortunately, we also provide a guide to getting a refund out of Amazon after 30 days have elapsed.

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