How do I send a mass email using the free version of eM Client?

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Em Client has an excellent feature called mass mail. As the name suggests, it allows you to stick a load of your contacts into the To box and send it without the recipients seeing each other’s email address. Doing it this way means your contacts receive a more tidy, private and professional message.

Unfortunately, it’s only available on the paid-for Pro version of eM Client.

So how do you send a mass email if you only have the free version of Em Client? Let’s find out.

The secret’s in the Bcc

The first thing to do is open eM Client. Once open, click New in the top left to create a new email (this system will also work if you are replying or forwarding an email).

send a mass email using the free version of em client

The New Message window will open. Now click on Add Cc & Bcc to the right of the To: box.

send a mass email using the free version of em client

The Cc and Bcc options will open. Once they do, click on Bcc.

send a mass email using the free version of em client

At this point, you may wish to send the email to all your contacts or just a selection. Let’s take a look at each option.

How do I send an email to all my contacts?

After click Bcc, your contact list will appear. To send an email to all your contacts, click on the first name on your list to highlight it.

send a mass email using the free version of em client

The next step is to press and hold down the Shift Key on your keyboard. Scroll down to the last person on your list and click on that name. All your contacts should now be highlighted and you can release the Shift key.

And if I only want to select some contacts?

If you only need to send your email to a selection of people, click on the first person you want to email.

Next, press and hold down the CTRL key on your keyboard and click on each of the required contacts. Go through your list until you have selected all the people you want to email. If you make a mistake and select an incorrect contact, just re-click on the person. However, make sure you keep your finger on the CTRL key.

When you are happy, release the CTRL key.

Okay, my contacts are selected, what now?

With all your contacts – or selected contacts – highlighted, click Bcc at the bottom of the Contact window. Your contacts will now appear in the Bcc box.

The next step is to add your email address to the To: box. You can do this from your contact list if you’re listed or type your email address manually. In the example below, I have selected myself from the list and clicked To:

Once you’ve added your email address in the To: box, click OK.

All that’s now left to do is fill in the rest of the email: the subject line, what you want to say and any attachments. Once you have completed your email, press Send.

When your contacts receive your email, all they will see in the From and To boxes is your email address. They will not see themselves listed or any of the other recipients who receive the message.


The ability to send a mass email in eM Client is a significant feature, but it isn’t available on the free version. Thankfully, using Bcc creates the same result. This method also works with nearly any email app, although how you do it will vary.

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