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How do you change the Ring Doorbell sound?

Ring Doorbell
Sound advice: change your Ring Doorbell tone

Ring Doorbells are so common now that whenever your phone chirps with the familiar jingle, everyone knows someone is at your door. But if you’re not a fan of that blang, how do you change the Ring Doorbell sound? Here’s how.

Change the Ring Doorbell sound on your Chimes

If you’ve got a Ring Doorbell, you’ve almost certainly got a Chime device to go with it, which alerts you when someone rings the door. Here’s how to use the Ring Doorbell app to change the sound the Chime makes

First open the Ring app and then select Devices from the menu (three horizontal lines) in the top-left corner. Now select your Chime.

On the Chime’s menu screen, select Audio Settings, as shown below.

Ring Doorbell chime settings

Now select Chime Tones. You’ll be presented with a long list of different tones to choose from. Select a new one and press Test sound on Chime to hear what it sounds like. You can also adjust the volume here, as well as the motion detection tones, if you’ve got that switched on.

Ring Doorbell chime sound settings

Change the Ring Doorbell sound on your phone

The Ring app uses that familiar jingle to alert you when someone rings the doorbell, but you can change the tone on your phone as well as the chime.

To do this, open the Ring app, select Devices from the menu (as above) and this time select the doorbell itself.

Now choose Device Settings.

On the next screen, select Notification settings and then choose App notification tones. Now select Ring notifications from the following screen. Here you’ll be able to choose a new sound for your doorbell rings, as well as whether the phone should vibrate and other settings.

Ring Doorbell sound settings

Now everyone within 20 feet won’t know when your doorbell is going off!

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