How do I find out how long is left on my TalkTalk contract?

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It’s a great idea to find out when your TalkTalk contract ends. Like mobile phone contracts or insurance, knowing this information enables you to shop around for better deals when it’s due. It also gives you the power to haggle with TalkTalk for a lower rate once your current deal nears expiry. So let’s find out how long you’ve got left on your TalkTalk contract.

Check when your contract ends on the TalkTalk website

To check how much time remains on your TalkTalk contract, you first need to visit the company’s website and log into the MyAccount section.

My Account section on the TalkTalk website

Once you’ve logged in, you can see how long you have left on your contract in the My package box.

My Package box on TalkTalk website

More details

You can also get more information about your TalkTalk package by clicking on View my package within the My package box. Even if you’re still under contract, it’s worth checking the My add-ons section to see if you are paying for something you don’t need. To do this, first click the Manage add-ons link. Once in the add-ons section, click on Manage telephone add-ons and you’ll see the list available with ticks next to the ones you currently use.

You can now untick any service you think you won’t need or select ones you believe would be useful. Once you’ve selected what you want, click Update at the bottom of the page.

List of boosts on TalkTalk website

As you can add or remove these services at any time, it’s tempting to stop paying for some of them. For example, at the time of writing, the calling boost is an extra £16 per month, which adds a good lump on to your bill. However, if you do a lot of phoning, it can still be cheaper to pay for this service than to be charged for each individual call. So please choose with care.

TalkTalk Wi-Fi Router

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