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Why has the navigation pane moved in Outlook for PC?

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Bleak Outlook: How to get the navigation pane back where is should be (Photo by Ketut Subiyanto on Pexels)

The navigation pane lets you quickly move between mail, calendar, contacts, and the other areas of Outlook for PC. However, if you’re used to finding it at the bottom of your email folders, you may now be frustrated to find the navigation pane has moved in Outlook for PC, now appearing on the left of the screen, as shown below.

Navigation pane at the side on Outlook 365

So how do you get it back to the bottom, where it belongs? Let’s find out.

Why has the navigation pane in Outlook moved to the left?

Microsoft wants to make the desktop version of Outlook more consistent with its other products, such as and the web versions of Outlook. That’s why it is trying to force you to have the navigation pane to the left of the folder list. Thankfully, you can change it back – at least for now.

So how do I put the navigation pane back in Outlook?

To put the navigation pane back to the bottom of your email folder list, you must turn off the Coming Soon button at the top right of Outlook. To do this, click the toggle switch to the right of Coming Soon Try it now from On to Off.

Coming soon toggle switch turned off on Outlook 365

A window will now appear and ask you to restart the application.

Restart Required Window

Click on OK, and then close and re-open Outlook. Once Outlook opens, the navigation pane should be back under your email folders.

Navigation Pane  at bottom of email folders in Outlook 365

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