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What does the flashing orange light on my Sky Hub mean?

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There you are, settling down for a night of streaming entertainment and suddenly the internet stops. There’s a flashing orange light on your Sky Hub. But what does it mean? We unravel the greatest mystery since Daniel Craig’s accent in Knives Out.

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Sky Hub: flashing orange power light

If your Sky Hub’s power light is flashing orange (or amber, as Sky often refers to it as), it means that it’s in recovery mode, which often happens after a software upgrade.

If it doesn’t resolve itself within a few minutes, you should:

  1. Press the reset button on the back of the Hub
  2. If that doesn’t work,¬†download the Sky router recovery tool and follow the instructions provided below

Sky Hub: How to use the Sky router recovery tool

There is a Catch-22 issue here in that you need an internet connection to use the Sky router recovery tool. As such, it’s best to do this BEFORE you have any issues (i.e. right now!), so you always have it to hand.

Here’s what you’ll need…

  • A USB memory stick. The downloads are less than 200MB each, so pretty much any would work here, unless you’ve been saving a free 2010 PC Pro 128MB memory stick for a rainy day
  • An Ethernet cable, so you can connect your computer to your Sky Hub

But here’s what you do…

  1. Download the recovery tool…
  2. Copy the resulting file to a USB memory stick of your choosing and plug into your computer
  3. Connect the computer to your Sky Hub with an Ethernet cable
  4. Open and run the software you placed on the USB memory stick and follow the on screen instructions

Of course, the orange light is just one of the things that can flash on a Sky Hub. To find out more, reader our sister piece: What does the flashing white light on my Sky Hub mean?.

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