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How do I access the EE Smart Hub Manager?

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Trouble-routing: access the EE Smart Hub manager

If you want to access the settings for your EE router, you’ll need to access the EE Smart Hub Manager. From this you can change your Wi-Fi password, restart your router, adjust the brightness of the lights on it and do lots more. Here’s a full guide to the Smart Hub Manager and how to access it.

By the way, if you’re trying to dive into the Smart Hub Manager because you’re seeing strange coloured lights on the front of the router, click here to find out what the EE Smart Hub lights indicate.

What can I do with the EE Smart Hub Manager?

The Hub Manager provides a wide range of options for the home user. When you sign in, the main screen should look something like this:

EE Smart Hub Manager

From here, you can:

  • See the status of your router and broadband connection
  • Change the brightness level of the router light (including creating a schedule to switch it off)
  • Run performance tests
  • Restart the Smart Hub
  • Access a User Guide

The ‘advanced’ settings include:

  • Change your Wi-Fi password
  • Port forwarding
  • VPN
  • Dynamic DNS
  • IPv6
  • Technical logs

To access your Smart Hub Manager:

  1. Make sure the Smart Hub is connected to your computer
  2. Open your web browser and enter the following into the address bar: or http://eehub (you should be able to click either of those two links to jump straight to the Smart Hub Manager)
  3. To make any changes, you’ll need your admin password – you should find this on the back of your Hub, if you’ve not already changed it to something else

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